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To know ‘who I am and who I am not’ is called Absolute Knowledge (Gnan).

Since I can remember, I was in search of truth ... this constant urge led me to endless seminars, practices, books ... and as the „conditional circumstances“ permitted - call it destiny - I was invited to a special ceremony ...
In the end of april 2011 an event, called Gnan Vidhi was organized in Obersdorf, Germany.
Guests were an indian delegation of mahatmas and the current Gnani Purush Deepakbhai – a living Atma with the
gift and power to perform a Gnan Vidhi. The energy of this vidhi blesses the seeker with the separation of THE SELF
from the non-self. It is called Akram Vignan, what means „continuous path”. The ceremony is called Gnan Vidhi,
a process to attain self-realization...
While my mind, at the beginning of the ceremony, began to think whether this works in practice, because it simply
would be too easy, I eventually abandoned myself the whole way, without really believing in it ...
The next day, totally unforeseen, during a prayer with about 400 others, the unexpected happened, the indescribable
and superior, that ever was experienced in this life: Pure Grace. I got kissed from absolute awareness.
The ego dissolved... pure bliss and pure love stretched out, tears of joy ran down my cheeks and I knew I was home, the search had ended and there was never a seeking, because IT was always there! There was no valuation anymore … There was everything as it should be, there was nothing to do or to be. I AM and everyone around me were... they are... words cannot express, what really existentially happened there.

In the last month a lot of things have changed e.g. eating meat seems quite unnatural, it is not „abdication“ due to
beliefs, but freedom of adhesion ... I can watch over my everyday life, without „interfering“, although I do everything
what there is to do, and yet there is no acting force anymore. The rat-race has finished...
Quite interesting how circumstances get in order, when you lean back and leave things to take their own course.
Everything happens in a perfect order and it seems as life would serve us - if we let it!
The time stands still, the end of everlasting hassle... everything is done as before, but from my point of view my daily
tasks, just happen without thinking, although I would be the one that could accelerate or decelerate and improve or
worsen my duties! The result is a reduction of tension with the common challenges, previously that happened only on
limited occasions.
Still filled with deep gratitude I would like to fulfill my desire to inform as many people as possible and allow them to be part of the ceremony.

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